Once upon a lazy saturday….

 K has gone to India for a couple of weeks. I usually am not someone who keeps calling the husband every single minute giving live updates(OK! I did attempt,but always ended up hearing his “everything fine?I’ll talk to you in a bit”…just 10 nanosecs :/ ) But I sure am a woman who knows how to keep herself very busy – aimless blog hopping. 😀 That’s when I came across a beauty tip, which like the others promised that fresh-smooth-glowing skin. I remembered the Shenaz Neem face pack I had bought on my previous trip to India. As I was digging for that in my suitcases, I was picturing the husband singing this as soon as he sees me 😛

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…(when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…)

jaise khilata gulaab(like a blooming rose)

jaise shaayar ka khvaab(like a poet’s dream) – WOW!

jaise ujali kiran(like a glowing ray of light) – Shenaz says I’ll very much be this in the next 20 mins.

jaise ban mein hiran(like a deer in the forest)

jaise chaandani raat(like a moonlit night)…….

 That’s when I heard it …THUD….THUD. I think I saw a shadow, like someone going down the window! I was shit scared, mainly because I live on the 33rd floor and I was all alone. Who on the earth is scaling such a tall building? Or is it my imagination?? I took a moment to think logical – It’s definitely not ghosts, because they don’t come during day time. It’s not the husband trying a surprise entry because I spoke to him on his India landline few mins back(Yea, right. That’s why it’s not him!) Hmm, who could it be..maybe an uber-hunk thief? Like Hrithik in Dhoom? Or maybe Spider Man??? Most likely Spider Man, given that New York is just a few mins away…

So I decided to go take a look outside the window,pinning all my hopes on the last two guesses.

This is what I saw – two ropes. So it was not my imagination!

Wait. Now rope rules out Spider Man,he don’t need those 😦 Hmmm. Then maybe it’s a theif, a la Hrithik in Dhoom or better, Kites. I peeped out the window, full of hopes and dreams only to find out it was…









The building maintenance guy, performing his bi-annual window washing duty 😐

So much for all the “logical” thinking I did. Hmmph!

For all the false hopes he made way for, I rightly punished him. Almost made him jump out of his skin. How?? By showing my face 😛

*scary photo alert*





Hee Haw…


17 thoughts on “Once upon a lazy saturday….

  1. Hi Mano….
    You write so well..really liked it…and and and I know now, that you understand hindi very well…so next time we meet..we will talk only in hindi 🙂

      • 😡 I hereby divorce you Senior! Thats it. Talak talak talak. Inimael nee yaaro, naan yaaro!

  2. Hey mano..u should have shown ur normal face..he would have jumped from that height..just kid’n…tho ur writing is aimless ,its sure interesting to read..keep writing often…Good one..

  3. He he he… i njoyd reading it…. short n sweet…nice pictures to make it more descriptive….but the last pic was the highlight!!! 🙂

  4. Hey Mano,

    That was funny..Didn’t know you are active blogger. Btw it was nice talking to you yesterday. Keep in touch.

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