Eye Candy

Gosh, how CUTE is that??? Look at the tiny polka dotted cups and plates in delicious colors!! And the perfect packaging,awww…

Be it Final Fantasy or any other coolest newest video game, it can never ever have this charm!

Image courtesy: attic24. Her blog is a major everyday drooling for me, am sure it will be for you 🙂


Dates and Nuts

Thanks to everyone for their comments and to those who told me personally that my cooking disasters are fun :/

To those expecting the “slaughter of the dates” or suggesting my recipe is to just eat them from the hand(though that’s the best way),


It turned out really really good. Maybe God wasn’t able to take the incessant questioning, day and night – ‘Why??’, ‘Why ME??? What wrong did I do(except for adding extra tamarind paste)?’, “Why won’t You let me cook well??”.

Then I took a resolution. I will try cooking one final time. I will make some simple dessert. It will be offered to God first so as to take His blessing. Hehe, now He won’t let me screw it up, will He? 😛

Thus started the making of ‘Dates & Nuts’ from here

Changes I made are not adding Cardamom powder and Sesame seeds( both were not available at home and husband suggested added flavor was not really needed for something that’s going to trash can 😐 ).

Ha! Look for yourself who had the last laugh!

Unfortunately the plate was wiped clean before I could even take a pic – it was that hit. In fact they(inmates of the house) asked me to make it again and again. They said, ” You are just awesome. Just keep making this dates sweet every day!”

“Thank you, Thank you!!” was all I could manage grinning widely…..Hey wait. Did they  indirectly ask me not to try any more cooking?? :O