Cooking is an adventure.

First things first – Why do I term cooking an “adventure”? Well, because that is what it is to me, literally! Having never ever cooked in my life before, I was suddenly put into a situation where I can either take a cooking turn or shamelessly eat the awesome stuff prepared by the other 3 in my house. After being shameless for quite sometime, I decided to give cooking a try. At this point I would like to thank my wonderful husband for his ever growing ” I COOK for you, can’t you wash vessels?”, ” I COOK for you, can’t you do the laundry?”, ” I COOK for you and all am asking is one foot massage!” which made me jump into cooking. Thanks K! ๐Ÿ˜‰
As with many, my first kitchen encounter was a disaster. Oh, if you think too salty,too spicy food implies a disaster, NO. That is not the worse that can happen, trust me.

All I had to do was make a tadka and add it to already cooked(by someone else) rice with essentials like salt/chilly/turmeric powder and cook it for some more time. Sounds simple right? But fate had other plans for me.

I start the tadka process and wait and wait for the oil to get hot, lose patience and decide to throw in the mustard et al. It promptly burns,making me remove the vessel with whatever I get in hand – paper towel was what I got. Not a good idea, as it quickly caught fire. I hastily put the vessel on the counter and get busy with putting off the fire before it sets off the alarm. Meanwhile the tadka vessel had started melting the mustard packet which was in close proximity, oops…now the mustard is going to spill all over and so I think and jump to take away the vessel,not remembering it was on stove only 15 secs back and hence red hot. Thus I ended up with burnt fingers and heavy loss of culinary confidence.

My second attempt at cooking was making “spicy tangy mushroom chettinad”. It was a flop as well. After googling for ways to reduce the tanginess(don’t ever add that tamarind paste on an approximation), couple of frantic calls later and adding spoonfuls of chilly powder and lots of water, all I ended up was with a potful of orangish thick fluid drowning the poor mushrooms.

Am I one of those who just don’t have that cooking streak in them? You know, no matter how much ever one tries, sometimes they just cannot make something. Thatโ€™s when I came across the Dates recipe.

Wanna bet the outcome?? ๐Ÿ™‚